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Bulky Bob’s Computers for Kids sells out in a day, creating £58,800 of social value – but more computers are needed!

In their continuing commitment to ‘End Furniture Poverty’ and having supplied more than 200 full computer systems to those in need via their Reuse IT programme, much-loved Merseyside headquartered Bulky Bob’s launched their ‘Computers for Kids’ programme last week, which sold out the same day. As a charity Bulky Bob’s measure the social value created through items which those in need would otherwise not be able to access, and in this case generated over £58,800 of social value in just one day.

They are now launching an urgent appeal to businesses who have bulk loads of computers, potentially gathering dust in an archive room, to use the Bulky Bob’s for Business service to get these computers refurbished and out to those most in need.

All computers are data wiped and refurbished at the Bulky Bob’s workshop before being made available to purchase at the much reduced price of £100 each.

CEO of Bulky Bob’s, Shaun Doran commented:

 “We have a waiting list of organisations who support children who need computers, but we have totally sold out of stock. We are sending out a plea to businesses who have 10 or more computers that they no longer use to contact us so we can ensure these make their way to those most in need in society, particularly children without IT access during the current lockdown”

The latest offering sees high-spec full pcs with MS Windows operating system, monitor, keyboard, mouse and base unit offered at the less than cost rate of £100 (subject to minimum order of 10 units). This will allow schools, charities, housing associations and other organisations supporting the children of our region to offer IT access to children who otherwise may be struggling with home learning now COVID-19 has forced the closure of many schools.

Reuse IT is the latest in a long line of innovations from Bulky Bob’s, ensuring those who need essential items, such as computers for our young people, can access them.

Sadly, there are thousands of families across Merseyside living in Furniture Poverty, sharing beds or sleeping on the floor, living without essential furniture items. Items collected by the Bulky Bob’s collection service are reused where possible, being refreshed and fixed then sold at the Bulky Bobs Furniture World London Road site in Liverpool.  Although currently closed, Bulky Bob’s is still open for appointments for our crisis referral scheme with our charity partners. This is why it’s crucial items left for collection are protected from the elements as much as possible prior to collection, to give them the best chance of being reused.

Shaun Doran continued:

 “Items such as computers are often in great condition when businesses decide to purchase new equipment. Our mission as a group of charities under the FRC Group umbrella is to End Furniture Poverty, and this includes data wiping and refurbishing computers which are often very high-spec. We then make them available for organisations who support our local children to bulk buy at a fraction of the price of new equipment. We’ve also given away the equivalent of 20 full PC units through our partnership with Citizen’s Advice Liverpool, donating 20% of computers to those most in need.

“Schools have been left in the difficult situation with a legal obligation to provide remote learning where needed, but 80% less computers being made available to them than was initially promised. Many other charities and organisations supporting children are crying out to help children gain access to online learning during thus current lockdown. We were pleased to be able to help many children and now want businesses to do their part in contacting us to arrange collection, data wiping and refurbishment of computers to continue to support our Computers for Kids programme ”

Those interested in the programme can email marketing@frcgroup.co.uk or call 0151 305 5201.