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Eight Steps to Avoid a Massive GDPR Fine

Big changes to GDPR, (General Data Protection Regulation), are being introduced later this year - here are Bulky Bob's 8 steps to help you to understand what you need to do to avoid a huge fine.

Be aware! Make sure you understand what GDPR will mean for your organisation. Visit the ICO website for support and advice. https://ico.org.uk/

Record all the personal data you hold – remember even work emails count as personal data. Any two items of personal data are classed as confidential so a name and email address needs to be held responsibly and securely destroyed.

Review all your privacy notices and update all your customers and partners. They must be in clear, simple language.

You could receive requests to view any data you hold on an individual so plan how you will process these.

Think about consent – you need consent to record and store any personal data so review how you seek, record and manage consent.

You need to have procedures to detect, report and investigate any data breaches.

Check whether you need to appoint a data protection officer. If you do, think about where they will sit within your organisational structure.

Call Bulky Bob’s on 0151 305 5200 to find out how we can help you to securely destroy your confidential waste or unwanted IT equipment. Remember Carphone Warehouse were fined £400,000 in January 2018 after failure to secure their customer and employee information allowed one of their computer systems to be compromised in a cyber attack. Don’t let this be you - call Bulky Bob's today for a free waste audit.