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Meet Bulky Bob

After many years as a man of mystery, Bulky Bob is finally revealing himself as the Liverpool social enterprise relaunches its award-winning training programme. With thousands of people across Merseyside trapped in zero-hours contracts or in the ‘gig’ economy with no employment rights, Bulky Bob’s has revamped its training programme to help more local people into sustainable employment.

Shaun Doran, CEO of Bulky Bob’s, said: “It’s a time of great change at Bulky Bob’s and after many years of people asking us who Bob is, we decided we would bring him to life in time to let everyone know about our all new Driving Change training programme.”

Bulky Bob’s has helped over 300 people into sustainable employment through Driving Change, a paid-training programme focusing on logistics and warehouse skills. But the jobs available to the graduates of the training programme are increasingly insecure and can still leave them living in poverty.

Shaun explained: “Driving Change is now no longer only available to unemployed people, it is also open to those on low paid jobs who have the ambition and drive to seek better prospects and be prepared to work hard to change their future. It will also move from a fixed year-long scheme to a flexible programme, tailored to the needs of each trainee and running from between 3 months to 2 years.”

More than 100,000 people in the North West are on zero hours contracts that mean they have no guaranteed hours or basic employment rights such as holiday or sick pay, or maternity/paternity entitlement.

A recent TUC study showed that nearly half the jobs created in the North West since 2011 have been in insecure work, such as seasonal, casual, temporary or agency work, as well as zero-hours contracts and low-paid self-employed workers.

“These figures demonstrate how easy it can be for someone to be in work but still living in poverty and we want to help give them the right skills and experience to increase their employment chances and raise them into more secure jobs such as supervisory roles,” said Shaun.

Bulky Bob was brought to live by Liverpool design agency Nonconform and can now be seen on the Bulky Bob’s vans, collecting bulky household waste from homes across Liverpool through a contract with Liverpool City Council.

To find out more about the new Driving Change programme and how to apply, contact Carolyn at Bulky Bob’s on 0151 702 0550 or email CarolynH@frcgroup.co.uk