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Well Done to our Trainees

Bulky Bob's trainees are having a fantastic month and their hard work is paying off with three top qualifications gained to help them into sustainable work.

Bulky Bob’s is not just about offering a secure confidential waste shredding service or office recycling, we are also working hard to help people in crisis.

One of those ways is through our Driving Change paid training programme. We target people who need an extra helping hand to move either from unemployment, or insecure low-paid employment, into a sustainable job. We offer training and support to help them to get the qualifications and work experience that they need to create a brighter future.

And this week has been a particularly exciting one! Three of our trainees have achieved significant qualifications – Paul and Anthony have both passed the first stage of their HGV Class II Licence tests, while Ashley has passed his driving test and will now start his HGV Class II training.

Getting a HGV Class II licence takes time and money – and having one can make a huge difference to future employment prospects. We give our Driving Change trainees the time and support that the need to train and practice for their tests, and we also pay for it all.

Everyone at Bulky Bob’s wants to say well done to Paul, Anthony and Ashley and keep up the good work.