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IT Equipment Collection & Recycling

Bulky Bob’s collects all types of IT equipment, from offices and businesses across Merseyside. We help to protect you from data theft and fraud by disposing of all sensitive information and produce full asset reports with audit trails. So if you need help getting rid of your old computers (or any other IT equipment collection), give us a call today!
Why choose Bulky Bob's for IT Equipment collections

Secure Collection

We protect IT equipment as carefully and securely as confidential waste. Any redundant equipment that may have had data stored on it is collected by our trained DBS-checked staff and returned to our Liverpool base in vans equipped with tracking devices.

We provide Waste Transfer notes and also Hazardous Waste notes if required so a full chain of custody of assets can be tracked. We also provide Data Erasure certificates that include hard drive serial numbers, the drive capacity and level of erasure completed.

Data Wiping

We work with data wiping software that can erase information from both hard disk drives, (HDD), and solid-state drives, (SDD), including drives on smartphones and tablets.

Secure data erasure means that is possible to safely recycle IT equipment and Bulky Bob’s has a wide network of referral partners across Merseyside from charities to support agencies, and uses these contacts to ensure that reusable items are given away to those who need them most.

All IT items that are unsuitable for reuse are sent to our recycling partners so they can be sustainably recycled.

Flexible Collection

Whether you are planning a major IT upgrade or if you simply need to dispose of a single item of IT equipment, Bulky Bob’s gives you peace of mind that you are always complying with the Data Protection Act

We can also provide you with a ‘Miscellaneous’ recycling console for your office so staff can dispose of all small electrical items such as keyboards, old phones, batteries, cables, and laptops, to be collected as regularly as required, and all items will be assessed and securely wiped if required.

To book a free waste audit or to obtain an IT Equipment collection quote, call the team on 0151 305 5200 or complete our online form.