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Packaging Collections

Bulky Bob’s provides a dry mixed recycling service so you don’t have to worry about separating your dry waste, we will do it all for you. This includes everything from cardboard and polystyrene to plastics, wood and strapping. We stock a wide range of free receptacles in a variety of sizes from small containers to Euro bins.
Why choose Bulky Bob's for Cardboard & Packaging Collections

Free Waste Audit

Bulky Bob’s can carry out a free waste audit to establish the receptacles you need and the right collection schedule for your business. If you need empty photocopier paper boxes to be stored and collected monthly or several large Euro bins for mixed factory or warehouse packaging to be collected daily, we can offer a flexible collection programme to meet all your needs, regularly reviewed and adjusted as required.

Sustainable Recycling

All collections are returned to our Liverpool base and sorted for entry into the different recycling streams. For example cardboard is baled and sent to a facility to be turned into new cardboard, while polystyrene is compacted and delivered to a local firm that converts it into plastic decking and wood is turned into bedding for horses, poultry or cattle.

Our decades of experience in the recycling industry means that we have built up strong relationship with local firms to make the best use of your waste, helping to reduce landfill, and protect the environment by recycling material back into useful products.

To book a free waste audit or to obtain a collection quote, call the team on 0151 305 5200 or complete our online form.